Italy – I really love you

Italy or Republica Italy or Italy is a country in southern Europe. Italy has been called the “boot” because of its geographical size. Italy is a peninsula extending from Tunisia to the northeastern Central Mediterranean.

The independent states of San Marino and Vatican City are located in Italian territory. Italy shares its northern alpine borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

Italian is the official language and the eternal city-Rome is the capital and largest city in Italy.

Italy is one of the top tourist spots in the world. Travel is one of the cornerstones of the Italian economy. Tourism trade is also flourishing in the Italian Riviera, on the shores of the beautiful lakes of the Alps (including the Dolomites) (Lego Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Garda), and in northern Italy in Venice. The Gran Paradiso, which rises in the Valle d’Asta, is the highest mountain in all of Italy.

The country has stunning natural beauty – the royal Alps of the north, the soft and airy mountains of Umbria and Tuscany, and the roaring landscapes of the S. Appenines. Gulf of Naples, dominated by Mt. Vesuvius, one of the most famous sights in the world.

Monuments to King Vittorio Emanuel II, Andrea Palladio’s Villa Bedouin, Alberobello, Trolley Houses, Boboli Gardens, Florence, Ponte Fabricio, Isola Tiberina, Rome, Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Refugio Italio

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China Tours – A Yangshu Vacation

Yangshuo is not only a paradise for back-packers, it is also a spectacular and interesting place. It is located northeast of Guangxi Province and southeast of Guilin. With a long history of 1400 years, Yangshuo has become a dream destination for many tourists who want to see a scenic landscape and real Chinese rural life.

There is so much to see in Yangshuo that it is difficult to determine what the best sites are. Big Forest Tree Park and Moon Hill are two very famous sights in Yangshuo and you won’t want to miss seeing it. Visitors can climb the 900 stone stairs to the top of Moon Hill to see the panoramic view of Yangshuo. Be sure to bring your camera for this.

Another interesting activity in Yangshuo is the “Third Sister Liu Impressions” outside the evening performance. It has the largest natural stage in the world and is built in the Li River, extending 2 mountain ranges up to 12 kilometers as its background. All the performers are local, mostly from Zhuang and Yao backgrounds and more than 60,000 people perform in this performance. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

Popular views of Yangshuo:

West Street: A 600-meter-long cobblestone alley with western bars, cafes and restaurants, Chinese art shops and clothing stalls. Due to its unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures, it has become an unofficial symbol of Yangshuo.

Jingping Old Town: Cruise from Guilin down to Yangshuo, one of the most interesting parts of the Li River Cruise is near Jingping Town, which is 27 kilometers from Yangshuo with a history of 1300 years. The landscape near Jinping Town has been reproduced in many Chinese landscape images; There are even scenes behind the newly issued 20 RMB bill.

Yulong Bridge in Baishah City: Yulong Bridge is a beautiful stone arched bridge at the upper end of the Yulong River, the largest tributary of the Li River in Yangshuo. For those looking for a great rental in Yangshuo, start here and start going to the banks of Gao Tian River. You can get 5 hours of mountaineering as well as great country views.

Liu Gong Village: This village is worth visiting to enjoy the real Chinese rural life of Yangshuo. The stone paths, ornate roof tops and seamless pigpen reflect the lifestyle that has continued for nearly 500 years. This village is not often visited by ordinary tourists and it is special for its old house, city gate and three ponds.

Recommend 4-day cycling to Guilin, Li River and Yangshuo:

  • Day 1: Gilin
  • See you at the airport and transfer to your hotel.

  • Day 2: Guilin-Yangshuo
  • Stay overnight in Yangshuo via Lee River Cruise Guilin via Yangshuo.

  • Day 3: Yangshuo
  • Visit bamboo boat rafting and Moon Hill.

  • Day 4: Yangshuo
  • Bicycle along the Li River to Liu Gang Old Village


Lake Hubbard Michigan Vacation Gateway

Take your next vacation trip to Lake Hubbard Michigan. The lakes provide calm water for retirees for boating, fishing, canoeing and many other summer water sports. Regardless of the season a lake vacation scenery is one of the best family travel routes for the price. There are many hotels around the beautiful lake. You should consider relocating romantic couples to Lake Hubbard Michigan as a way to start or restore fire in your relationship. Many have chosen to have their wedding ceremony on this fabulous lake.

The low-lying Hubbard Lake covers an area of ​​8,850 acres in North Alkona County Michigan and is one of the largest natural lakes in the state. The streams entering the lake are:

West tributary river


Ohlcombe Creek

Your choice of accommodation at Lake Hubbard is vacation rentals, cottages, resorts or hotels. For those of you who like it fairly, the Asinac State Forest Campground is 13 miles from Hubbard Lake. You will find a boat dock in most cottages for the pleasure of boating or canoeing your boat. Although gas prices are higher, Airfare has not only seen a decline in aircraft, but also increased aircraft prices. Driving a car or RV can be a more economical way to travel. Boat access sites with parking for trailers are:

West Bay (state-owned) on the northeast coast

East-west tributary river on the south-east bank (state-owned)

North-north coast along the north-west coast (owned by the township)

Overflowing Bay, a new B&B (bed and breakfast) is the dream of nature lovers. Accommodation for 150 guests and plenty of food is a trip 11 miles from Agpe ‘Hubbard Lake. In the spring and summer months there are many parties in and around the lake where vacationers are often welcomed.

There are many reasonable fishing charters that leave the assumption of finding out where the fish is biting. Interested and apprentice fishermen will benefit from the many boat rental services in the region. Hubbard’s Lake gives winter fishing enthusiasts the opportunity to test their patience and determination in the icy elements. Hubbard Lake is in stock:


Well perch

oRock bus

o Small mouth

Overbrow trout

o Rainbow trout

Churchill Point is a favorite among travelers; This 1920s historic historic Lake Front Inn offers its guests one of the most beautiful places to stay in nature. If you’re looking for a home-style breakfast, lunch or dinner, Millie’s Home Cookies has a family environment, service and food choices for your palette.

You can golf at the White Pine Golf Resort, Bicycle, Rental or Snowboard Chipaiva Hill Trail and the Reed Lake Foot Travel Area. Other golf courses within a 30 mile radius are:

oAlpena Golf Club

oSpringport Hills Golf Course

o Greenbush golf course

oRose Golf Course

Airports near Hubbard Lake are:

Alpena (APN)

Oscoda Wartsmith (OSC)

West Branch Community (Y31)

Otsego County (GLR)

When you are looking for the perfect vacation, plan a trip to Michigan today.


Vacation Homes – The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing One (Yes, I Mean You)

Many people reach a stage in their lives where they are reasonably stable in their personal and professional lives, start a family and want to enjoy their leisure time accordingly. You have a steady job and your wife also has a job. Your kids are at an age where they can start sharing some of your leisure activities and even moms and dads can enjoy themselves while doing something else. This is when you start thinking about a holiday home, perhaps in or around an area that offers a lot of activities that you and your family enjoy. Although your suspicions begin to be. Can I afford it? What would be safe if it didn’t occupy for an extended period of time? Will we have enough fun in the area we want to return to? All valid questions. If you consider 3 common mistakes people make when acquiring a vacation home, you can avoid most of them. To read.

Mistake # 1 – Retail Buying

If you have been following this news since 2006, you are aware of the mortgage crisis and the forecasts, short sales and abandoned properties created across the country. Why pay the market value of a property when you can get the same house for a fraction of the price with minimal effort?

What to do instead: Use online resources to see forecasts, real estate auctions, bank-owned properties and similar opportunities in the area you are considering. You’ll be amazed at the amount of information you can easily find online, and you’ll be amazed at the prices at which companies will sell when companies are upset for whatever reason. This does not mean that the property has been deprecated (under supervision) but you will want to verify it. This means that the owners or former owners were not able to hold on to the payment and were close to losing the property or it has been re-posted (predicted) by the bank at the moment) Banks are not with the property ownership business, There is a profit-making business on interest. When that doesn’t happen, they will accept offers that you would consider ridiculously low, until they get their book out of the property and recover some or all of the money they received. Remember that a bank can earn a few thousand dollars from a loan, even if the loan amount was close to what it was 10 years ago. Even if they accept a lobbying offer, they won’t really lose money, even if it looks like it on paper. Talk to someone local who specializes in distressed features. These can be invaluable partners when you shop around.

Mistake # 2 – Thinking you can only use the property

So you have followed the tips above and are now proud owners of vacation homes. Your employer gives you 3 weeks off a year and now and then 3 days off or similar time off where you can go and enjoy your property. So you let it sit empty for 40 weeks of the year, right? Wrong!

What to do instead: If you enjoy vacations in that area, there are plenty of other people out there. In fact, depending on the region, at certain times of the year you get strong bookings for local hotels and rents. So why not take advantage of this? You can easily rent a property within a week, equivalent to one month’s rent. What this means for you is that if you play your cards properly, you get a vacation home for yourself, and someone else pays for it! What’s not to like there? As with the first mistake, having someone local with you can help you manage the property and take care of any problems that arise. Find a good partner!

Mistake # 3 – Thinking you’re only looking for 1 vacation home

So you got a vacation home and you work, okay? Execution? Why stop in one place?

What to do instead: If you are paying attention, you must understand that with what we have covered so far, you can do it again and again easily and quickly. Find a distressed property in another area of ​​your choice, acquire it, use it when you can, and rent the rest of the time. Make sure you choose an area where it will be easy and profitable to rent on holiday and always partner with someone who can help you find the property and manage it for you later. You will see that at some point these houses will be paid in full, if you have acquired them as described above, and the rental money now goes into your pocket instead of being paid out of pocket. Not only do you have vacation homes in many great areas, but you are also being paid to get them.

We hope we have given you food for thought. One of the areas we can recommend to do this, if you live or enjoy traveling in the northeastern United States, is the Pok বাmon Mountains in northeastern PA. You will find activities for skiing, hiking, swimming, fishing, hunting, outdoors in general, NASCAR races and much more for almost everyone. And of course, a large inventory of crumbling assets with banks interested in getting buyers under any circumstances.


Doggins’ lags in northeastern Ohio

Northeast Ohio is a place that doesn’t bubble at the top of the list of vacation hot spots, but if you have an active trail dog you’ll want to consider this. The main attraction is the “touch,” the limestone that has been shaken, eroded and cracked by huge shakes of SEVV-shaped blocks. You’re actually going under the cover of an ancient ocean once covered in Ohio. Glacier retreat a few million years later, covering most of the limestone with scraped soil, but some areas were exposed to the grace of wind and water that created the imaginary rock formations. When you are amazed at the natural wonder of these canyons, your dog will love to hip, run and run on top of the rocks. One of the advantages of viewing lakes in the summer is that these hikes tend to be many degrees cooler than the higher temperatures for the day. Here are some Northeast Ohio parks to experience the tails:

Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park (Garetsville, SR 282)

You need to enter it directly at this small park. A series of boundaries run about one mile north-south, braced by waterfalls at both ends. On the front (the best way to see blue-blazed and algae rocks) on the other side and below, and separate trails of huge, scrambled rocks (red-blazed and hard) move to the top (white-blazed and easy) to the name of the Red Trail, such as Fat Mans Peril, The names of Squeeze and The Devil’s Icebox can make you gasp, but when you see the race of your dog’s wagging tail in front of you, you see the impossible, it’s not a laughing stock.

Hinkley Reservations (Hinkley, Belas Road)

Hinkley is famous for returning turkeys, buzzing from the south every March 15th. There are two separate tails and straws in the park to search for your dog, each with a length of about a mile. A short climb to one of the highest points in Northeast Ohio will take you to the beginning of Whips Ledges where your dog can easily scale rock cliffs 50 feet high. Maintain control of your dog as you cross the top of the boundary with perfect featured, uninterrupted drop-offs. At the southern end of the reservation are algae wardens legges featuring rock carvings of religious symbols.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Peninsula, SR 303)

The highlight of the trail system at Happy Days Visitor Center is a band with a 30-foot-high tail that runs a better part of the mile. The Ledges Trail is circled in rock formations so that some of its parts do not require the symbolic insane passage of cousins, making this trail suitable for any level of Nine Hikers. Spar trails will take your dog to the top of Kullu and Cranies and Lizzies. Still, there is a drop-off here to be aware of.

Gorge Metro Park (Kuahoga Falls, front street)

The Chuahoga River Basin has been attracting adventurous travelers since the 18th century when it was the site of High Bridge Glance Amusement Park. One hundred and twenty-five years ago, ten-year-old Mary Campbell was taken from her home on the Pennsylvania border by Delaware Indians and carried in a cave around her neck, becoming the first white child to reach Ohio in the United States. The Gorge Trail today is a 1.8 mile loop, the highlight of which comes when you have to choose its path with the dog pounding the cliffs. Signs of the trail label this stretch as “hard” and give a bypass but there’s nothing your dog can handle here. In fact, a few stone steps have been cut into the most troublesome passages.

West Woods (Russell Township, SR 87)

There are long circulated rumors of these dark wood and sheltered rock outcropings. The escaped slaves were hiding here on the underground railway. The soldiers of the Civil War took refuge in the lead. The bootleggers operated illegal steel in the hollow. The destination of the 1.5-mile walk in this Geoga County showcase park is the Cave of Ansel, named after people from Massachusetts who can sit here. The ride is conducted entirely under long, straight solid wood on a wide, foot-friendly compact stone path.

South Chagrin Reservation (Chagrin Falls, Hawthorne Parkway)

The vast Chagrin River, dominated by this Cleveland metropark, was designated a state natural river in 1979. The squirrel loop trail on the east side of the river carefully slides over the water below the sandinel at the bottom of the river. It’s just a steep drop-off for a quiet, well-behaved dog hired as unintentional. Across the river you can see the rock carvings of Henry Church, a blacksmith and self-taught artist who gained a reputation as a primitive folk artist after his death.