Are the newspapers yesterday’s news? Think again

Mark Twain’s famous response when reading about his “death” in the newspaper was:
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“News of my death is exaggerated.”

Now the tables have turned. Newspaper deaths are reported as millions of people around the world still read the daily news. Such an embarrassment. The news paper is over, the final fake news.
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A single newspaper report is still one of the strongest drivers. Trending is more powerful than Twitter posting, viral Facebook posts or a top Instagram hashtag. Ask the owners of the unfortunate resort property in and around Playa del Carmen, a popular resort town on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roor in the Mexican state, otherwise known as the Mexican Riviera.
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In February 2018, just weeks after the peak tourist season, they were ready to welcome thousands of retirees eager to survive the long, harsh winter. The soldiers of the sun-seekers included my wife and I. We were booked for a weekend at the end of March for the end of our favorite winter journey: about thirty minutes by car to Ibroster Grand Pariso, Playa del Carmen.
Then came the shocking news that on February 22, 2018, a tourist ferry from Playa del Carmen “bombed” The more annoying. Twenty-five injured! The U.S. Embassy warns passengers to stay away from Caribbean resort city ferries and parts!
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Two weeks later, another “bomb-like” device was found on another ferry. It was removed without closing. On March 21, the day we left for our vacation, the US embassy lifted its warning.
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So what do you think? Did the sun-seekers ignore the news? Did the hotels do their normal emerging business? Based on my discovery of drawing from recognized small sample sizes, the answer would be a great number of answers.
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The bad news that came out at once made everything seem trivial. It can’t be the other way around – you can’t put the toothpaste in the tube again
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It was easy to find evidence of the fall caused by the news report, we blew in at record time from the moment we entered customs at Cancun Airport because there were no lines (at the exhibition).
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When we arrived at our resort there was virtually nothing as usual: there were fewer guests on the grounds (Exhibition B), most of our favorite specialty restaurants were closed for most of the stay (Exhibition C) and I could get any golf I wanted, and in fact my original tea Time had to be changed because there were no other players in that slot (Exhibit D))
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Need more? Going to play my next round of golf from another player (Exhibition E), we took a single player (Exhibition F) who had a hole in our back. He was able to become a close friend in Mexico City who rented an apartment in Playa del Carmen. “It’s usually booked full time,” he told us. “This year, nothing.” (Exhibition G)
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All because of a single news event. Remember the next time someone calls you a newspaper it’s yesterday’s news
Rapist T.I. has been accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of promoting a fraudulent cryptocurrency offering.
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The regulator said in its complaint that T.I. – whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris – sold cryptocurrency tokens via his Twitter account and encouraged his followers to invest in the initial 2017 FLiK coin offering. He also falsely claimed to be a partial owner, he said. tell the agency.
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The SEC said the offer was a scam led by film producer Ryan Felton, and according to Mashable, Felton had promised to build “Netflix on the blockchain,” but never delivered it.
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