Amherst, Ohio .Historical landmarks and places of interest

Amherst Ohio is a town of approximately 12,000 inhabitants located in northeastern Ohio and is part of the greater Cleveland metropolis. Located in Lorraine County, Amherst is close to the large cities of Ileria and Lorraine.

A beautiful city known for its safe neighborhood and suburban feel, Amherst prides itself on being a great place to build a family. There are many local historical landmarks and places of interest for visitors and the city is full of unique business and tourist attractions.

Amherst was once known as the sandstone capital of the world due to the numerous sandstone quarries operated in the region. To this day, visitors can still see many local historical buildings that were built using native sandstone from the Amherst Query. Amherst City Hall, Amherst Public Library and other structures use Native Amherst Sandstone as buildings throughout all American America and Canada.

A local historical society, bed and breakfast, ancient art centers and suburban cinema theaters all add to the feeling of Amherst’s suburbs. The suburbs are well-known for a fun, clean, safe nightlife environment, and there are several well-connected pubs and dining facilities that attract people throughout Lorraine County.

Amherst is one of the lowest offenses in Northeast Ohio, Ohio, because of its exemplary police department and a large portion of the city administration that is dedicated to protecting the streets and surrounding families. The Amherst Fire Department, which employs volunteer part-time firefighters, is also an example of efficiency and professionalism.

Many families chose to buy homes in Amsterdam because the Amherst School District was acclaimed, and the city’s schools are known to provide top-notch education for local children. The local city park and recreation area, a walkway in Beaver Creek Reservoir, a baseball field and a local swimming pool all add to the list of places for locals and visitors to enjoy the winter weather.

Although winters in Amherst Ohio can bring deep lake-effect snow, city services maintain roads very well. During the summer, Amherst boasts a variety of fun events and traditions, such as Memorial Day Parade, Old Time Jamboree, Dancing on Main Street, and other events.