San Antonio Vacation Rental Home

A vacation rental home offers a lot of benefits whether you are on a family vacation or a business trip. With the luxury, privacy and fully equipped facilities of the place, you are creating memories to remember back. Managing small children is no longer a headache because there are rooms where they can play around. Most rental homes provide you with the amenities you need such as your cable TV, wireless internet, free local and long distance phone service, fully equipped kitchen and much more.

Some vacation rental homes are available in San Antonio, TX:

123 Pool House

123 Beachwood Lane

Phone: (210) 618-1501

The 123 pool house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two car garages. This San Antonio vacation home relaxes you with its ground pool and hot tub. You will get protection with its fence backyard. The 123 pool house sleeps 8 people in 3 queen beds and a sofa bed.

Atrium House

613 oblets

Phone: (210) 618-1501

Atrium House is a glass house consisting of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a car garage. You will find the house very stylish with its fenced backyard with atrium house containing up to six including two queen beds and two day beds)

Condominium by Texas Vacation Rentals

220 Beavergard St.

Phone: (210) 885-4310

Beavergard or historic buildings were renovated because they revealed a great one and two bedroom condominium. One of San Antonio’s most coveted places is the King William neighborhood, as well as its culture and art gallery.

G2 House

605 Kendall St.

Phone: (210) 737-2400

Fax: (210) 737-2900

The G2 House can be found at Tobin Hill Ne Historic Neighborhood which is a 10 minute drive from the airport. This San Antonio vacation home is located north of the city suburbs and offers quick access to the SA River Walk. The renovation of the G2 House has resulted in remarkable maple floors, Carrara marble countertops and plenty of natural light.

Glass house

615 oiled

Phone: (210) 618-1501

The Glass House with its attractive entrance will surely delight everyone visiting its domain. It can hold up to 10 people with its 4 queen beds and 2 day beds. The amenities of this San Antonio vacation home include a fully equipped kitchen, TV, living room area and a car garage.


950th Grayson

Phone: (210) 271-9145

Terrace Castle is a kind destination in bed and breakfast. It improves the daily art, hospitality and craftsmanship of its visitors.

San Antonio is a family vacation

5410 Vista Creek

Phone: (817) 292-5444

San Antonio Family Vacation provides numerous family and acquaintance activities. It is located northeast of the city and easily sleeps up to 12.

Stockton House

526 Stockton d.

Phone: (210) 340-6634

Stockton House allows quick access to the North Star Mall as well as Carrie Market. It is minutes from downtown San Antonio. It consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms and living areas.

Stone house

609 oblets

Phone: (210) 618-1501

The Stone House has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage as well as a fence in the yard. Features The space can accommodate up to eight people.

Trail House

611 oblets

Phone: (210) 618-1501

Trail House offers the luxury of space with its three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The home sleeps up to seven and provides a carpet, furnished kitchen and relaxing fireplace in the living room area.