Djursland Holidays: Five things to do in Djursland Denmark

If you are planning a trip to Jersland, Denmark, there are many things to choose from. Of course, the time of year you plan to visit Georgia will play a big role in what you can see and do. First I will tell you a little bit about Georgia, where it is, how to get there and why and then I will tell you about my 5 favorite things in Georgia.

Jazerland Hall is a great place to relax and unwind. A region which jajaralyanda rendarsa / aharusa and sea borders extend to the east side of the land part of the land that looks like a nose

You can fly to Arus Airport, which is located in the heart of J জrland, between Roenda and Tisterstrop, or you can take the ferry from Jedilia to Abeltoft. For most people, the public transportation system from the drive will probably not be enough to get around the whole area in a timely fashion.

Since Jursland is more of a summer destination, I will focus on the best things in the spring and summer months.

Try one of the biggest attractions in Georgia first, it has a large number of fines The beach All that surrounds Djursland on three sides. The Grenada Strand is the most well-known and most family-friendly, about 7km long with great sandy beaches and good facilities for family fun. The other beaches are Boeslam and Draby, located just south of Abeltfoot on the east coast, and there are several beaches, including Vibayek and Famular, in the inner cope of Abeltfoot. Further north you can visit Boennerup Strand or Lystrup Strand. There are 13 blue flag beaches in 30+ beaches in Djursland.

Georgland is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Denmark, an amusement park north of Nimtof in Georland Somerland, with +0+ rides and entertainment for children and adults. The season is from May to early September. The water park portion of the park usually opens at the end of May or early June.

Rather up your narrow alley than you enjoy wildlife and exotic animals! Jazerland has three popular zoos. The Scandinavian Wildlife Park (Scandinavisk Dyerpark) is located near Colind and allows you to see about 300 animals, from polar bears to elk and many other species of Scandinavian animals. You can get up to many of them and be close and even part of feeding them. Another option is Rebel Park in Ebeltft, where you can see 90 species of animals, including giraffes, bears, camels and more. Both parks are all experiences and big family fun. Lots of activities. The season is from April to October. Don’t forget the Munkholam Zoo outside of Bale, where many animals can enter the field and get really close!

Djursland is also wrapped in history and has many daydreams, museums and manors. You can spend a few days exploring Djursland and visiting different places. Some of the sites are the Gamel Estrup near Anning, which is home to several museums, Rosenhome Castle, just north of Hornslet, one of the most beautiful castles in Denmark. You can find a list of all the manor houses and castle castles in Jebelland at both the Abeltfoot or Grenae tourist bureaus.

Finally, you need to relax with a bit of shopping. Georgland is not a mecca of modern shops, but the surrounding towns in Georgia are a must visit for other reasons. Cities have fun stone streets, rooftop houses and many antique shops to go back to the past. On a warm day, there is nothing like a duck in the cobbled stone streets and fun shops full of history and atmosphere. Ebeltoft and Roende have some of my favorites, but everyone will soon discover their own choice.