Are the newspapers yesterday’s news? Think again

Mark Twain’s famous response when reading about his “death” in the newspaper was:
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“News of my death is exaggerated.”

Now the tables have turned. Newspaper deaths are reported as millions of people around the world still read the daily news. Such an embarrassment. The news paper is over, the final fake news.
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A single newspaper report is still one of the strongest drivers. Trending is more powerful than Twitter posting, viral Facebook posts or a top Instagram hashtag. Ask the owners of the unfortunate resort property in and around Playa del Carmen, a popular resort town on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roor in the Mexican state, otherwise known as the Mexican Riviera.
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In February 2018, just weeks after the peak tourist season, they were ready to welcome thousands of retirees eager to survive the long, harsh winter. The soldiers of the sun-seekers included my wife and I. We were booked for a weekend at the end of March for the end of our favorite winter journey: about thirty minutes by car to Ibroster Grand Pariso, Playa del Carmen.
Then came the shocking news that on February 22, 2018, a tourist ferry from Playa del Carmen “bombed” The more annoying. Twenty-five injured! The U.S. Embassy warns passengers to stay away from Caribbean resort city ferries and parts!
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Two weeks later, another “bomb-like” device was found on another ferry. It was removed without closing. On March 21, the day we left for our vacation, the US embassy lifted its warning.
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So what do you think? Did the sun-seekers ignore the news? Did the hotels do their normal emerging business? Based on my discovery of drawing from recognized small sample sizes, the answer would be a great number of answers.
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The bad news that came out at once made everything seem trivial. It can’t be the other way around – you can’t put the toothpaste in the tube again
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It was easy to find evidence of the fall caused by the news report, we blew in at record time from the moment we entered customs at Cancun Airport because there were no lines (at the exhibition).
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When we arrived at our resort there was virtually nothing as usual: there were fewer guests on the grounds (Exhibition B), most of our favorite specialty restaurants were closed for most of the stay (Exhibition C) and I could get any golf I wanted, and in fact my original tea Time had to be changed because there were no other players in that slot (Exhibit D))
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Need more? Going to play my next round of golf from another player (Exhibition E), we took a single player (Exhibition F) who had a hole in our back. He was able to become a close friend in Mexico City who rented an apartment in Playa del Carmen. “It’s usually booked full time,” he told us. “This year, nothing.” (Exhibition G)
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All because of a single news event. Remember the next time someone calls you a newspaper it’s yesterday’s news
Rapist T.I. has been accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of promoting a fraudulent cryptocurrency offering.
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The regulator said in its complaint that T.I. – whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris – sold cryptocurrency tokens via his Twitter account and encouraged his followers to invest in the initial 2017 FLiK coin offering. He also falsely claimed to be a partial owner, he said. tell the agency.
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The SEC said the offer was a scam led by film producer Ryan Felton, and according to Mashable, Felton had promised to build “Netflix on the blockchain,” but never delivered it.
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Costa Rica Fishing – An angler’s fishing vacation paradise

What makes Costa Rica fishing so special? How true that nowhere in the world has Costa Rica produced more “super grand slams” than the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean. What is a Super Grand Slam? You can claim this feat by holding a blue, black and striped marlin And A palanquin on the same day. If that sounds unrealistic, it’s just because you haven’t fished in Costa Rica.
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With two main coastlines, one in the Pacific Ocean and the other on the banks of the Caribbean River and with a strong network of rivers and lakes, Costa Rica seems to be aiming for a growing move. Ideally located about nine degrees north of the equator, this small country is well-suited to the hardy tropical game fish that fishermen prefer.
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The Pacific coast is a stronghold for giant billfish and arguably the best place in the world for salfish. This is not to mention the numerous durdo (mahi mahi) and tuna or more elusive but rewarding wahu and rooster fish. The main fishing centers in the Pacific are Tamarindo and Playa Flamingo in the north, Los Cenos Resort in the central region (Heradadura) and Kaipos, and Golfito in the south. Chartered fishing ships run between -4 250-400 for a half day and -6 350-650 for a full day. It includes launches and drinks for four people for coastal fishing vs. big bill fish can be found at low prices and provides plenty of excitement to travel around the coast of Dorado, Wahu, Jacques, rooster and tuna.
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June and July are the best months for marlin in the north, June to October are the best months for Durado and Tunar. Strong winds from December to March resulted in many fishing charters moving from the north coast to Capos and Los Cenos to the central coast, where great fishing takes place year-round. Winter Costa Rica fishing in the waters of the Golf Dolls is generally better in the south.
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If you have a fever, you must fish in Costa Rica off the coast of the Caribbean. Arches in rich rivers and the Caribbean are a favorite haunt of monster tarpons and it will give a true crowd of lightweight tackle enthusiasts. Some of the spots that produce tarpans weighing an average of 80lbs / 35kg make sure you go home with some unforgettable moments.
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On the northeast coast these few tarpaulins can rise up to 155lbs / 70kg so you can even land a trophy. Snook fishing is also incredibly hot here if you look for different types. The season runs from August to January as it is the best time for trophy size fish. Try beating 14kg for the IGFA record. Tarpan, however, can be caught year after year.
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What many don’t know is that Costa Rica fishing is not limited to saltwater. In fact, freshwater lakes and more than a dozen rivers produce a variety of species that are fun to find. Will get. Rio Savagre is a favorite place to catch most of this species. The Canoe Negro Lagoon and Rio San Juan on the Nicaraguan border both provide great tarpon and snook fishing. For lake fishermen, check out the Lake Arenal where you can still fight with the active Arenal volcanic cone at 8 lbs / 3.5 kg and larger sized spongy guapot or rainbow buses. As a final note, all freshwater fishing is closed from September to December and a license to fish with salt is also required.

Costa Rica fishing vacation will satisfy any finger dream, but it is also nice to know that it is also a great destination for families. You can spend the day in a fishing boat knowing that there are plenty of things to keep your family occupied. ATV tours, snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, canopy tours and surfing lessons are easily arranged from any city on the Pacific coast. Tamarindo is a particularly interesting place, and Coepos is right next to Manuel Antonio National Park.

Costa Rica is a great option in Mexico because it is still relatively close and so many Mexican beach resort areas don’t have the unconventional feeling. It is more developed than other neighboring countries and there are plenty of tour agencies here that will meet the needs of your family. But in the end, it’s Costa Rica fishing that will leave you laughing.


Amherst, Ohio .Historical landmarks and places of interest

Amherst Ohio is a town of approximately 12,000 inhabitants located in northeastern Ohio and is part of the greater Cleveland metropolis. Located in Lorraine County, Amherst is close to the large cities of Ileria and Lorraine.

A beautiful city known for its safe neighborhood and suburban feel, Amherst prides itself on being a great place to build a family. There are many local historical landmarks and places of interest for visitors and the city is full of unique business and tourist attractions.

Amherst was once known as the sandstone capital of the world due to the numerous sandstone quarries operated in the region. To this day, visitors can still see many local historical buildings that were built using native sandstone from the Amherst Query. Amherst City Hall, Amherst Public Library and other structures use Native Amherst Sandstone as buildings throughout all American America and Canada.

A local historical society, bed and breakfast, ancient art centers and suburban cinema theaters all add to the feeling of Amherst’s suburbs. The suburbs are well-known for a fun, clean, safe nightlife environment, and there are several well-connected pubs and dining facilities that attract people throughout Lorraine County.

Amherst is one of the lowest offenses in Northeast Ohio, Ohio, because of its exemplary police department and a large portion of the city administration that is dedicated to protecting the streets and surrounding families. The Amherst Fire Department, which employs volunteer part-time firefighters, is also an example of efficiency and professionalism.

Many families chose to buy homes in Amsterdam because the Amherst School District was acclaimed, and the city’s schools are known to provide top-notch education for local children. The local city park and recreation area, a walkway in Beaver Creek Reservoir, a baseball field and a local swimming pool all add to the list of places for locals and visitors to enjoy the winter weather.

Although winters in Amherst Ohio can bring deep lake-effect snow, city services maintain roads very well. During the summer, Amherst boasts a variety of fun events and traditions, such as Memorial Day Parade, Old Time Jamboree, Dancing on Main Street, and other events.


The best place to visit in Costa Brava for a wellness trip

The Costa Brava is located in the northeastern part of Spain, at the foot of the Pyrenees. The coastline runs from Portbou to Blaine and covers 200 kilometers. You can rent a car to travel and explore the area. If you visit Costa Brava for a wellness trip, you must search the luxury spa where you can get a massage. The Costa Brava offers a luxurious spa rustic backdrop where you can disconnect yourself from everyday work and reconnect with yourself. Wellness travel takes you through meditation on the activities of nature, the yoga experience and the macrobiotic gastronomy that nourishes and heals you from within. Costa Brava has some great places to visit where you can go for massages, spas and rejuvenation.

Girona is the only commercial romance

It is a historic Roman bath located in the center of the old town of Girona. It is one of the best spas in town. It is a perfect revitalization center and can be your lonely experience. There are three types of baths with different temperatures. You can have a great spa experience here.

Balnari Vichy Catalan

It is located in the town of Caldes de Malavella. It is a popular center for medicinal thermal water and aquaculture. It is a soft nineteenth century Art Nouveau hotel in a soft yellow grand dam and it has centuries old history within the walls. It is known for its hydrotherapy experience and its water bottling and sales of a wide range of welfare brands and products. It is known that drinking Vichy Catalan water helps to improve digestion and detoxify the body naturally.

Kala del pai

It is a big house but has nineteen rooms. Smaller rooms give you intensive access and a customized treatment is much easier. It is a great property to observe the Mediterranean in complementary colors of blue and orange. The property has beach access. You can experience the best wellness at Cala del Pie. They use sandbags on your back that mimic the soft beach sand. You can have a unique experience when using cool spray on your feet and ankles.

Hotel GEM Wellness and Spa Resort

If you are traveling to Spain with your kids, you can visit this spa hotel located in Lolaret de Murray. There is a water park where your kids can play all day. The hotel offers rooms and apartments for a long stay with stunning sea views. You will definitely enjoy wellness and regenerative therapy at this spa.

Hostel Spa Empire

This is one of the most beautiful features. You can enjoy the stunning views of the Mediterranean. The property is open all year round as a spa hotel. The hotel offers not only spa treatments but also saunas, a steam room and a swimming pool. Hostel Spa Empuri offers a wide range of organic cosmetics and body oils.

Hotel Balnari Prots

It is located in the town of Caldes de Malavella. It has an outdoor heat swimming pool with water from a natural heat spring. As you enter the house, you will be amazed at the serene lavender and jasmine scents in the corridors. You can go here for bubble baths and mud and marine twists and turns.


San Antonio Vacation Rental Home

A vacation rental home offers a lot of benefits whether you are on a family vacation or a business trip. With the luxury, privacy and fully equipped facilities of the place, you are creating memories to remember back. Managing small children is no longer a headache because there are rooms where they can play around. Most rental homes provide you with the amenities you need such as your cable TV, wireless internet, free local and long distance phone service, fully equipped kitchen and much more.

Some vacation rental homes are available in San Antonio, TX:

123 Pool House

123 Beachwood Lane

Phone: (210) 618-1501

The 123 pool house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two car garages. This San Antonio vacation home relaxes you with its ground pool and hot tub. You will get protection with its fence backyard. The 123 pool house sleeps 8 people in 3 queen beds and a sofa bed.

Atrium House

613 oblets

Phone: (210) 618-1501

Atrium House is a glass house consisting of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a car garage. You will find the house very stylish with its fenced backyard with atrium house containing up to six including two queen beds and two day beds)

Condominium by Texas Vacation Rentals

220 Beavergard St.

Phone: (210) 885-4310

Beavergard or historic buildings were renovated because they revealed a great one and two bedroom condominium. One of San Antonio’s most coveted places is the King William neighborhood, as well as its culture and art gallery.

G2 House

605 Kendall St.

Phone: (210) 737-2400

Fax: (210) 737-2900

The G2 House can be found at Tobin Hill Ne Historic Neighborhood which is a 10 minute drive from the airport. This San Antonio vacation home is located north of the city suburbs and offers quick access to the SA River Walk. The renovation of the G2 House has resulted in remarkable maple floors, Carrara marble countertops and plenty of natural light.

Glass house

615 oiled

Phone: (210) 618-1501

The Glass House with its attractive entrance will surely delight everyone visiting its domain. It can hold up to 10 people with its 4 queen beds and 2 day beds. The amenities of this San Antonio vacation home include a fully equipped kitchen, TV, living room area and a car garage.


950th Grayson

Phone: (210) 271-9145

Terrace Castle is a kind destination in bed and breakfast. It improves the daily art, hospitality and craftsmanship of its visitors.

San Antonio is a family vacation

5410 Vista Creek

Phone: (817) 292-5444

San Antonio Family Vacation provides numerous family and acquaintance activities. It is located northeast of the city and easily sleeps up to 12.

Stockton House

526 Stockton d.

Phone: (210) 340-6634

Stockton House allows quick access to the North Star Mall as well as Carrie Market. It is minutes from downtown San Antonio. It consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms and living areas.

Stone house

609 oblets

Phone: (210) 618-1501

The Stone House has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage as well as a fence in the yard. Features The space can accommodate up to eight people.

Trail House

611 oblets

Phone: (210) 618-1501

Trail House offers the luxury of space with its three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The home sleeps up to seven and provides a carpet, furnished kitchen and relaxing fireplace in the living room area.


Enchanting Thailand – 5 Questions You Want To Get Answered For Your Boat Vacation

What are the common features of a shipping charter in Thailand?

Thailand has really easy accessibility with many airports and daily international flights. The major airports in the main charter region are Phuket and Krabi. For example you can also visit the smaller ones on Phi Phi Island. Phuket International Airport has direct flights to Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Surprisingly crystal-clear waters and rich underwater flora and fauna make the region a divers dream. Yacht charters will be rewarded with absolutely stunning views. From the boat you get the best view of the typical dramatic limestone cliffs protruding vertically from the sea.

Thai food is second to none in the world. It uses completely delicious and flavorful ingredients and countless of fresh produce. Thailand is also famous for the friendship of its people. And spectacle mind-stimulation. There are spectacular temples, Buddha statues, elephant sanctuaries and national parks / nature reserves. Nature and wildlife are close to many rare species to admire.

Lastly the tropical climate without any hurricane or cyclone is suitable for motor or boat charge. There are plenty of islands and long stretches of coastline with huge cruise grounds to choose from.

Some important personalities for the Thai Yacht Charter:

Length of coastline: 3,219 km

Population: CA 68,000,000

Country Code: +66

Climate: Tropical, restrained by monsoon winds

Major Charter Areas: Phuket Island, Fang Enga Bay, Krobi Coastline and all islands within

Tidal range: 1.5 – 2.5 m

What are the most popular charter destinations and cruise grounds in Thailand?

The main charter region is in the Andaman Sea, off the southeastern coastal region of Thailand. It includes the provinces of Phuket, Fang Nga and Krabi.

Phuket is the largest island and at the same time the richest province in Thailand. Its flat land 543 km has the right port of call or base to start your yacht charter vacation in just 10/15 minutes at Phuket Yacht Haven and the international airport on the north-east coast of the island. It offers 300 mooring for yachts up to 30 meters, many nautical services, a fully equipped modern gym, great restaurants, a massage parlor, great shopping facilities and much more.

Take the two islands and head for the Raya Islands, about 12 nm south of Phuket. There are beautiful large bays with amazing long sandy beaches. It is a true diver’s paradise and rich fishing grounds and beautiful mountain islands are covered in the rain forest.

The Phi Phi Islands go 28 nm southeast of Phuket. A successful movie between the two islands has served as a backdrop due to the stunning lagoons and cliffs of “The Beach”. It has great anchorages, picturesque beach bars, lots of restaurants as well as hotels and newly built resorts.

See Phuket to Coke Rock Nock 49 nm south. It is a national park consisting of 2 islands separated by a narrow channel which is good for anchoring, diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

With a plain of 1,490 km and 51 islands on the southwestern tip of Thailand bordering Malaysia, Tarutao National Park is a great cruising ground. It is recommended to go from November to April in the dry season. There you will encounter dramatic limestone cliffs, rain and mangrove forests, beautiful views and breathtaking waterfalls.

On the southernmost tip of Thailand, about 20 nm west of the northwestern Malaysian coast you see Langkawi, an archipelago consisting of 104 incredibly beautiful islands, of which only two live. The main island, Langkawi, is duty free and provides very good infrastructure and entertainment for tourists. It was declared a World Geopark by UNESCO. Enjoy stunning views of rain forests, rivers, freshwater lakes, lagoons, caves, etc.

During the northeast monsoon season, navigation along the Crabby coastline is most recommended because the anchorages are then protected. Expand the Fang Enga Bay Mountains – admire the breathtaking limestone peaks covered with oming-raw green rainforests over pristine beaches. Raila Peninsula, for example, is Farah Nang Beach, located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can find more coastal anchors in the middle of the bay or at a depth of 4 to 5 meters above the sand. There is a coral wall which is great for snorkeling. You can rent a bungalow for the day at a lower price. Along with exploring many caves it is also a mountaineering paradise.

Discover the scenic Fang Enga Bay, northeast of Phuket, with more than 100 islands. It is very sheltered due to its geography, which makes for good cruising throughout the year. There are also some more spectacularly steeply steep rocks up to 250 miles of vertical cliffs where kayaking is possible in the vicinity of many caves and grottoes. Cruising around numerous protected inlets and channels is a pleasure.

Visit the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea 55 northwest of Phuket during the dry season. These are closed for access during the southwest rainy season. It is an archipelago of 9 islands, including Miu Ko Simalan National Park, with wonderfully crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Great for diving there, you can do a myriad of observations of monta rays and other fish. Stay overnight to enjoy the place with as few people as possible.

What are the relevant weather systems for your Bareboat Charter in Thailand?

The southern and coastal regions of Thailand have a temperature of 40% through the sea air in the afternoon. It distinguishes between the two main asons:

November to April is the dry or northeast monsoon season with mild weather. January and December are the coldest months. January, February and March are the driest months and April is the best month for swimming with an average temperature of 30 degrees.

During the south-west monsoon season from May to October there is a rainy or “green” season. It has a mixture of rain and clear skies and the temperature is never below 25 ° The wind is reliable with an average of 12 knots. The heaviest rainfall in September and October is occasionally non-stop for up to 5 days.

Thailand is close to the equator and has daylight from 6am to 6am all year round. It is located outside the cyclone belt of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

Weather Summary for a Bareboat Charter in Thailand:

Month with maximum average temperature: March, 29º

Month with lowest average temperature: January, 27º

Month with maximum average rainfall: September, 400 mm

Month with lowest average rainfall: February, 30 mm

The strongest wind speed: southwest monsoon, averaging 12 knots

Humidity: 82% on average

Average daily sun time: 7 – 9 throughout the year

Main season: European / North American winter, November-April

How much does a yacht charter cost in Thailand and what types of charters are there?

Prices for small boats start at around 2,000 2,000 per week. They go up according to the type of pot, size and equipment. You can choose to rent a powerboat or rent a bareboat, skipper or crude boat for a sailboat / catamaran charter, respectively. Day charters with speedboats or other power boats are also available as an option. Fishing day charter trips are quite popular as well.

What else do you have to do in Thailand except rent a boat?

Join Phuket Race Week on the east coast of the island in July. It is an international naval regatta for a wide variety of yachts and many lively parties are being held during its time.

In the first week of December, the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta is Asia’s most prestigious reggae and a major social event that attracts sailors from all over the world.

The three provinces of Phuket, Fang Nga and Krabi during the Bay Regata boat ride and thus through the most spectacular sea view of the entire planet. It is known as the “fun race” because of its casual character and is not popular with serious as well as deadly racers. It takes four days and the sailors arrive at a separate anchorage near a beach every day. Most crews sleep on board and many prefer to charter the fleet for the event.

The Phuket International Boat Show in late March is also great for the Yacht Aficonados and is considered the Asian equivalent of the Monaco Boat Show.

Take a look at Koh Panyi in Fung Nga Bay, a full fishing village of about 1,700 people, about 20 nm north of Phuket. Fang Nga Bay has the name of Khao Fing Kan, otherwise known as “James Bond Island” which features a 20 meter high vertical island that served as a backdrop in the 2 James Bond film.

Try trekking elephants and jungles through the quadrangular landscape. The offer includes many safari tours as well as ocean canoe trips, with some overnight / camping options. Do white-water rafting, for example climb the perfect limestone peaks on the Freak Stream on Khang Music Freak Stream in Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary adjacent to Fang Nga Town and around many caves on the Riley Peninsula in Croydon.

Enjoy the nightlife and hustle and bustle of Patong Beach or Phuket. There are also many beach clubs. Eat delicious Asian street food – you get great value for very little money. Shopping in malls and markets is bright and very diverse. Diving tourism has a huge infrastructure with many diving schools and centers. Visit the sights and see the Sino-Portuguese architecture. Or the 45-meter-tall Big Buddha, a white jade marble statue on a 400-meter-high hill with stunning views over Phuket. Admire the largest and most famous Buddhist temple in Phuket, Wat Chalang.

Families can try one of the many amusement parks, such as Fantasy in Phuket, for example. In addition, there are cabaret shows, movies and zoos. You can take a Thai cooking class and learn to cook like a local. Alternatively, pamper yourself right from the spa by the amazingly friendly and talented locals.

So you see, there is really no shortage of fun things to do in the Thai Yacht Charter. We wish you a great shipping vacation and a great cruise!


Lake Texoma cabin rental

For most families, Lake Texoma cabin rentals are a bit secluded with a lake view that you’re not sharing with your neighbors on your vacation or listing loud music to someone’s liking.

Here are some of the most popular:

Alberta Creek Resort

Large mineral camp

Buncombe Creek Marina

Catfish Bay

Cedar wind

Cedar Mills

Cumberland Cove Inc.

Floating Wells Marina

Grandpapi Point

Highport Resort and

Lighthouse Resort

Small glasses resort

Newbury Creek Resort and Marina

Soldier Creek Resort and Marina

Walnut Creek

When searching for cabin rentals, set your budget first as there are high quality marinas and campgrounds that are beyond the reach of most families. Prices can range from $ 50.00 to .00 to 125.00 per day, including weekly low rates.

Lake Texoma cabin rentals can be more expensive than traditional theatrical accommodation but are well worth the extra expense. Renting a cabin for a fishing trip for you and your family can be an exciting adventure. Enjoying the rustic environment of the cottage vs. the motel can make your fishing trip more memorable.

Lake Texoma is located on the banks of the Red River in Texas. The level of the pool is about 615 feet with an annual average fluctuation of 5 to 8 feet. Normal lake water is moderate to clear. Lake Texoma has a surface area of ​​74,686 acres with a maximum depth of 100 feet.

Conclusion: It is a beautiful lake in northeast Texas and South Oklahoma. If you plan to fish in the state of Oklahoma, be sure about your Oklahoma fishing license.


Djursland Holidays: Five things to do in Djursland Denmark

If you are planning a trip to Jersland, Denmark, there are many things to choose from. Of course, the time of year you plan to visit Georgia will play a big role in what you can see and do. First I will tell you a little bit about Georgia, where it is, how to get there and why and then I will tell you about my 5 favorite things in Georgia.

Jazerland Hall is a great place to relax and unwind. A region which jajaralyanda rendarsa / aharusa and sea borders extend to the east side of the land part of the land that looks like a nose

You can fly to Arus Airport, which is located in the heart of J জrland, between Roenda and Tisterstrop, or you can take the ferry from Jedilia to Abeltoft. For most people, the public transportation system from the drive will probably not be enough to get around the whole area in a timely fashion.

Since Jursland is more of a summer destination, I will focus on the best things in the spring and summer months.

Try one of the biggest attractions in Georgia first, it has a large number of fines The beach All that surrounds Djursland on three sides. The Grenada Strand is the most well-known and most family-friendly, about 7km long with great sandy beaches and good facilities for family fun. The other beaches are Boeslam and Draby, located just south of Abeltfoot on the east coast, and there are several beaches, including Vibayek and Famular, in the inner cope of Abeltfoot. Further north you can visit Boennerup Strand or Lystrup Strand. There are 13 blue flag beaches in 30+ beaches in Djursland.

Georgland is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Denmark, an amusement park north of Nimtof in Georland Somerland, with +0+ rides and entertainment for children and adults. The season is from May to early September. The water park portion of the park usually opens at the end of May or early June.

Rather up your narrow alley than you enjoy wildlife and exotic animals! Jazerland has three popular zoos. The Scandinavian Wildlife Park (Scandinavisk Dyerpark) is located near Colind and allows you to see about 300 animals, from polar bears to elk and many other species of Scandinavian animals. You can get up to many of them and be close and even part of feeding them. Another option is Rebel Park in Ebeltft, where you can see 90 species of animals, including giraffes, bears, camels and more. Both parks are all experiences and big family fun. Lots of activities. The season is from April to October. Don’t forget the Munkholam Zoo outside of Bale, where many animals can enter the field and get really close!

Djursland is also wrapped in history and has many daydreams, museums and manors. You can spend a few days exploring Djursland and visiting different places. Some of the sites are the Gamel Estrup near Anning, which is home to several museums, Rosenhome Castle, just north of Hornslet, one of the most beautiful castles in Denmark. You can find a list of all the manor houses and castle castles in Jebelland at both the Abeltfoot or Grenae tourist bureaus.

Finally, you need to relax with a bit of shopping. Georgland is not a mecca of modern shops, but the surrounding towns in Georgia are a must visit for other reasons. Cities have fun stone streets, rooftop houses and many antique shops to go back to the past. On a warm day, there is nothing like a duck in the cobbled stone streets and fun shops full of history and atmosphere. Ebeltoft and Roende have some of my favorites, but everyone will soon discover their own choice.


Retiring to Florida? Explore Florida counties and cities

When you start exploring Florida County and Florida Cities for your new home, you may feel overwhelmed at first. One can choose an incredible variety of options. But you can start by orienting yourself with some basic information in different parts of the state. When people discuss Florida counties and cities, they usually describe them as one of eight distinct regions: Northwest and North Central (commonly referred to together as the ‘Panhandle’), North-East, Midwest, Central, and Middle East. , Southwest and southeast

The Panhandel area stretches from Alabama to the Suwani River and is a rather thin and flat shape that matches the ‘handle’ of other regions in the state. Some of the largest cities in Florida in this part of the state are Tallahassee, the state capital, and Pensacola and Panama City on the Gulf Coast. It extends some of the coastline of the state.

Florida is home to a number of towns and cities in the northeast. St. Augustine, the oldest settlement center in the United States, is found here in St. John’s County. The largest city in the region is Jacksonville in Duval County, which covers an incredible 8441 square miles across the region.

If you are looking for a fast growing area with some of the best beaches in the world then Midwest may be right for you. The cities of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Bradenton and Clearwater are here. The metropolitan area around Hillsborough County Tampa is actually the largest in the state – an incredibly large white beach stretching about 90 miles along the larger Gulf coast than the city of Miami. The area has property demand and Pinelas County is not only one of the most expensive in the state, it is also the most densely populated.

Known as ‘Heartland’, if you’ve ever been on vacation in Florida, you’ve probably been to Central Florida – especially if you have children in your life. The region has the largest concentration of amusement and theme parks in the world, most of which surround the city of Orlando. Or try one of Lake Lake County’s 1,000 lakes.

Those cities and counters famous for resid fans and space fans are found in the Middle East region. It is the location of the Daytona 500 and other car races and the home of the NASA Kennedy Space Center. You can tour the center and see a space shuttle launch if you get the time right.

If a resort area is more your style, you can choose a location in the south-west area. The cities of Naples and Venice have some great choices. Or, Captiva, Marco or Sunnybel Islands can only meet your needs on the Gulf Coast. Here Florida counties are famous for their unusual coastline, with more than 10,000 islands marked horizontally.

Starting from Palm Beach to Keys, Southeast Florida is a region that attracts the rich and famous from all over the world. You can often wander around the region’s famous nightlife spots known as movie stars, rock stars, millionaires and their hangers on the Gold Coast. You’ve at least heard of the largest cities in the region, even if you haven’t seen them yet: Miami, Fit. Luderdale, West Palm Beach and Key West, to name a few.


Ten Little Known Facts About Wildwood Holiday Hot Spots In New Jersey

Known as the East Coast, one of the top holiday destinations in the Wildwood, New Jersey has plenty of attractions and activities that have kept tourists satisfied and happy year after year. The city was founded in the late 1800s and almost immediately became a popular tourist destination. It has countless hotels, many still showcasing the original do-wap style of their architecture and the famous Boardwalk, Wildwood not only finds common trappings in the resort community in front of the beach, but also creates extra things that make it unique with the holiday really special. Here are ten little known facts about New Jersey Wildwood.

1. Mori Pierce Wildwood is one of the most famous attractions in the city. It includes hundreds of amusement park rides and roller coasters, as well as the longest ferris wheel on the east coast.

2. 19 Since 1970, the region has hosted the annual New Jersey State Fireman Convention.

3. Before being incorporated as a city in 1912, the area now known as Wildwood was a New Jersey borough known as Holy Beach City.

4. The community’s high school athletic teams are known as the Wildwood Warriors.

5. Wildwood’s famous boardwalk features an equally famous tram carriage that joins the community with North Wildwood throughout the race. The tramcar is known to be a trackless train that was first established in the early 1950s.

City’s. The city’s beachfront boardwalk has a chapel that holds night services that are open to any and all travelers in the area all summer.

Pop. Pop singer Bobby Rydell sang a song called Wildwoods Day which is about community.

. It is not uncommon for the city to have a permanent population, more than 1,000 permanent residents during the season, and more than 200,000 people during the summer months.

9. Wildwood’s claim as the birthplace of rock and roll came from the first place where Bill Haley and his comets served as the first rock and roll music, widely known as Rock Outer the Clock. It happened at the end of Memorial Day in 1954 at the Halfbrow Hotel.

10. The largest and most famous Ultimate Freeby Beach Tournament is held every year at the Wildwood Waterfront in New Jersey.

With just one visit to this Atlantic community, it is easy to see why Wildwood has maintained its high level of popularity with vacationers for over a hundred years. The city offers a great combination of our nostalgia as well as modern tourist attractions and features in a way that will surely satisfy anyone lucky enough to plan a trip there in the near future. Wildwood, New Jersey is truly a true vacation spot in the Northeast.