Lake Hubbard Michigan Vacation Gateway

Take your next vacation trip to Lake Hubbard Michigan. The lakes provide calm water for retirees for boating, fishing, canoeing and many other summer water sports. Regardless of the season a lake vacation scenery is one of the best family travel routes for the price. There are many hotels around the beautiful lake. You should consider relocating romantic couples to Lake Hubbard Michigan as a way to start or restore fire in your relationship. Many have chosen to have their wedding ceremony on this fabulous lake.

The low-lying Hubbard Lake covers an area of ​​8,850 acres in North Alkona County Michigan and is one of the largest natural lakes in the state. The streams entering the lake are:

West tributary river


Ohlcombe Creek

Your choice of accommodation at Lake Hubbard is vacation rentals, cottages, resorts or hotels. For those of you who like it fairly, the Asinac State Forest Campground is 13 miles from Hubbard Lake. You will find a boat dock in most cottages for the pleasure of boating or canoeing your boat. Although gas prices are higher, Airfare has not only seen a decline in aircraft, but also increased aircraft prices. Driving a car or RV can be a more economical way to travel. Boat access sites with parking for trailers are:

West Bay (state-owned) on the northeast coast

East-west tributary river on the south-east bank (state-owned)

North-north coast along the north-west coast (owned by the township)

Overflowing Bay, a new B&B (bed and breakfast) is the dream of nature lovers. Accommodation for 150 guests and plenty of food is a trip 11 miles from Agpe ‘Hubbard Lake. In the spring and summer months there are many parties in and around the lake where vacationers are often welcomed.

There are many reasonable fishing charters that leave the assumption of finding out where the fish is biting. Interested and apprentice fishermen will benefit from the many boat rental services in the region. Hubbard’s Lake gives winter fishing enthusiasts the opportunity to test their patience and determination in the icy elements. Hubbard Lake is in stock:


Well perch

oRock bus

o Small mouth

Overbrow trout

o Rainbow trout

Churchill Point is a favorite among travelers; This 1920s historic historic Lake Front Inn offers its guests one of the most beautiful places to stay in nature. If you’re looking for a home-style breakfast, lunch or dinner, Millie’s Home Cookies has a family environment, service and food choices for your palette.

You can golf at the White Pine Golf Resort, Bicycle, Rental or Snowboard Chipaiva Hill Trail and the Reed Lake Foot Travel Area. Other golf courses within a 30 mile radius are:

oAlpena Golf Club

oSpringport Hills Golf Course

o Greenbush golf course

oRose Golf Course

Airports near Hubbard Lake are:

Alpena (APN)

Oscoda Wartsmith (OSC)

West Branch Community (Y31)

Otsego County (GLR)

When you are looking for the perfect vacation, plan a trip to Michigan today.