China Tours – A Yangshu Vacation

Yangshuo is not only a paradise for back-packers, it is also a spectacular and interesting place. It is located northeast of Guangxi Province and southeast of Guilin. With a long history of 1400 years, Yangshuo has become a dream destination for many tourists who want to see a scenic landscape and real Chinese rural life.

There is so much to see in Yangshuo that it is difficult to determine what the best sites are. Big Forest Tree Park and Moon Hill are two very famous sights in Yangshuo and you won’t want to miss seeing it. Visitors can climb the 900 stone stairs to the top of Moon Hill to see the panoramic view of Yangshuo. Be sure to bring your camera for this.

Another interesting activity in Yangshuo is the “Third Sister Liu Impressions” outside the evening performance. It has the largest natural stage in the world and is built in the Li River, extending 2 mountain ranges up to 12 kilometers as its background. All the performers are local, mostly from Zhuang and Yao backgrounds and more than 60,000 people perform in this performance. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

Popular views of Yangshuo:

West Street: A 600-meter-long cobblestone alley with western bars, cafes and restaurants, Chinese art shops and clothing stalls. Due to its unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures, it has become an unofficial symbol of Yangshuo.

Jingping Old Town: Cruise from Guilin down to Yangshuo, one of the most interesting parts of the Li River Cruise is near Jingping Town, which is 27 kilometers from Yangshuo with a history of 1300 years. The landscape near Jinping Town has been reproduced in many Chinese landscape images; There are even scenes behind the newly issued 20 RMB bill.

Yulong Bridge in Baishah City: Yulong Bridge is a beautiful stone arched bridge at the upper end of the Yulong River, the largest tributary of the Li River in Yangshuo. For those looking for a great rental in Yangshuo, start here and start going to the banks of Gao Tian River. You can get 5 hours of mountaineering as well as great country views.

Liu Gong Village: This village is worth visiting to enjoy the real Chinese rural life of Yangshuo. The stone paths, ornate roof tops and seamless pigpen reflect the lifestyle that has continued for nearly 500 years. This village is not often visited by ordinary tourists and it is special for its old house, city gate and three ponds.

Recommend 4-day cycling to Guilin, Li River and Yangshuo:

  • Day 1: Gilin
  • See you at the airport and transfer to your hotel.

  • Day 2: Guilin-Yangshuo
  • Stay overnight in Yangshuo via Lee River Cruise Guilin via Yangshuo.

  • Day 3: Yangshuo
  • Visit bamboo boat rafting and Moon Hill.

  • Day 4: Yangshuo
  • Bicycle along the Li River to Liu Gang Old Village