The importance of the travel and tourism cycle for young generations


Today's generation of young, more open, more informed, more adventurous, more mobile people than ever before. Travel as part of education is a long established fact, yet in the background, youth travel has become one of the most dynamic and fastest growing markets in the global tourism industry. The governing body of the World Tourism Organization estimates that about 20% of the 950 million international tourists who traveled around the world during 2010-2014 were young. However, the importance of this market exceed the figures. Countless young students have been adopted or recognized by the United Nations as a major force for social change and development.

Academic reasoning

The above-mentioned point also applies to tourism, where young travelers lead an active and positive change in the sector, and advocate the enrichment of the environment and investment in local or state tourism. As such, tourism and travel for young people involved is one of the most promising ways towards a more sustainable and responsible business sector. Education is the focal point of this sector, which emphasizes the need for a travel and tourism cycle. In an era of unprecedented and diverse challenges for the travel industry, these courses are not only a pivotal market category but also a vital source of change and innovation.

The future of travel is young

Being at the forefront of a new era, young people are also influencing the travel industry. They think outside the box, try the new and pay all the limits. The travel industry is undergoing strong changes with traditional vertical distribution chains giving way to a more complex value network. Includes a wide range of multiple suppliers from within the field and outside the travel sector. Here, the travel and tourism course helps you understand the dynamics of the field. Today, travel does not depend on old-age infrastructure such as hotel beds, logistics for travel agents and airline seats. You are entering a new, flexible, networked economy where culture, community, information and communications technology, work, education and play become part of the tourism value chain. This is where the courses become important.

Things to find

• At this session, you will learn the interrelationships between tourism, travel and other economic sectors.

• Learn about integration that enhances the value of the web rather than the primitive value chain.

• In this new value network, value is provided by actors outside and within the tourism sector in different groups to create and exploit new opportunities.

• Courses show you are at the forefront of these innovations because young minds are willing to go beyond all limits and create new links.

• The theme network is that young people are the first users and users of the latest technologies, helping them lead the mobile media and social networking sites related to product purchases and travel information.

Something small

You also learn how to advise the tourist about his contract / product, moving to the destination, providing food, lodging, organizing a meeting or events, and the thing about travel and transportation companies and groups of site operators.