Review of Worldventures – Billion Dollars MLM?


WorldVentures … brief background

WorldVentures and the wholly owned travel agency Rovia, is an MLM company that has gathered very effectively the power of the Internet and the power of network marketing or MLM, a combination that has put WorldVentures as a potential giant in the travel industry.

WorldVentures started its business in December 2005, achieving just over $ 50 million in its first full year (2006) and sales of less than $ 150 million in its third year alone (2008)!

The company was founded by veterans of network marketing and travel companies Wayne Nugent, Mike Azvik, Robert Opelon and Dan Stamen, owned and operated by the privately owned company, a debt-free firm based in Plano, Texas (Dallas).

Next Expedia, Priceline, Travel Or Orbitz?

According to the New York Times, Travelocity, one of the "four major sites" for online travel sites and another Texas-based company, once ruled the work of online travel "… before being conquered by Expedia!"

Expedia is a former Microsoft company that was produced as a multibillion-dollar company in 1995 and is now the world's largest online travel agency and 800 lb in-room guerrilla with revenues exceeding $ 850 million! Followed closely by Priceline at $ 732 million and Orbitz, third with $ 187 million in revenue.

In comparison with

WorldVentures has an excellent opportunity not only to become an online travel company worth $ 1 billion but may outperform the two big four travel companies listed above putting WV among the largest companies!

I love the WV leadership team and their experience and shared vision of where they think their company is going in the next few years! Combine it with WV's search technology, which is unparalleled in the travel industry, and certainly you have a winning group!

The Best Mix Of Internet Marketing

With no advertising costs, thanks to their franchised business model, WorldVentures retains more of its profits and 65% of these profits are sold by the strong sales of Leisure Travel Consultants in the field!

Since all the marketing and sales training systems in WorldVentures are available online, a company can be marketed using traditional franchising methods or even more effectively online using marketing marketing systems such as those created by MLM Lead System Pro and used by many top Internet marketers Mortgages! With a virtual trainer system on the Internet, WorldVentures or LTC representatives can point to WorldVentures as their representatives, who can access virtual training on the latest model 24/7, 365 days a year, for anyone looking to build and develop their own business franchises On the Internet in today's virtual world of marketing via social media!

So, will WorldVentures be the next billion dollars of MLM online travel?

At present, more online travel is sold than any other consumer product and this writer sees that WorldVentures is likely to achieve its goal of becoming a billion dollar online travel company! However, only time will definitely tell!