Simple tips to take care of your dental health

As the dentist always tells you, brush your teeth twice a day. The most recommended time to brush your teeth in the morning after meal and night before bed. It aims to prevent the formation of plaque on teeth that can cause dental caries, cavities, and bad breath. Meanwhile, you can also Click Here to find Mark W Johnson DDS – dentistry Albuquerque.

To maximize dental hygiene can also brush your teeth after meals so that no food remains attached to the teeth. Routine tooth brushing also minimizes the formation of germs and bacteria in the mouth and reduce the risk of bad breath.

Selection of Toothpaste

When brushing your teeth would require toothpaste is also powerful to clean the teeth. One can try the toothpaste with natural ingredients such as betel leaf contained in Mustika Ratu Betel Leaf Toothpaste. In addition, the essential oil of betel leaves with fluorine compounds commonly found in other toothpaste products.

It is found that betel leaf paste contains betel leaf oil with phenol and chavicol which are known to have antibacterial activity 3 times more effective than fluoride compound.

Using Mouthwash

In perfecting dental and mouth care, can be maximized also with the use of mouthwash or mouthwash. In addition to disinfecting germs in the mouth as well as freshen mouth. One of the mouthwashes that can be used like Antiseptic Better Mouthwash Mustika Ratu Leaf.

The content of phenol and kavikol in betel leaves have bactericidal properties that can eradicate bacteria and more effectively maintain healthy teeth, gums while eliminating bad breath. So powerful to eradicate the tooth-damaging bacteria and the cause of bad breath so that the health of the teeth and mouth remain awake throughout the day.